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Greenkw is the innovation of energy, it helps to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and avoid impacts on the environment.

Greenkw is pure green energy.

Frequent questions

You can make your purchase by clicking the buy button. We accept various payment methods*: credit card, debit card, bank transfer and paypal.
*Some payment methods have additional fees depending on the method of your preference.

To make a profit with the GreenKw, you must redeem them at GreenKw/h which will be used to power the miners. and the btc generated with your greenkw/h will be your profit.

The redemption of a token can be done immediately after purchasing it, even though the green bitcoin mining network (GBMN) needs to have availability to house such token in their plants. There will be times when too many token holders will try to redeem their token simultaneously. In such occasions, they will be allocated according to arrival: first in, first served.

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