The Coin that creates Green Bitcoins, backed up by green energy

GreenKw is a digital currency equivalent to a green kilowatt hour. Such claim is backed by our company (the greenkw foundation), which ensures that every greenkw coin in the market can be exchanged for a green kilowatt hour of green electricity. And such electricity can be used to mine green bitcoins in our Green Bitcoins Mining Plants.

Greenkw owner’s can do three things with their coins:

Hoddle them

Sell them

Redeem them

Greenkw step by step

The creation of greenkw has three stages. The first stage is the creation of green energy bitcoin mining plants. The second stage is the creation of the Greenkws coins. The third stage is the redemption of such coins, using that energy to create Green Bitcoins.

We invite all bitcoin mining companies that operate with green energy to join our network and become our partners. GreenKw will change the bitcoin mining industry. Nobody will be able to say that bitcoin harms the environment any more.

Creation of green energy bitcoin mining plants

We are creating a Green Bitcoin Mining Network (GBMN) with several bitcoin mining companies that have green electricity. This network is growing on a daily basis, since not only mining companies can join, but also green electricity producers are joining our community. We believe that by 2030 no company will mine bitcoins with non renewable electricity.

Cherish Earth: mine Green Bitcoins with Greenkws.

The creation

The GreenKw was born to change the polluting cryptomining industry.

It is a way to allow all the actors in the crypto universe to collaborate with the generation of mining that helps the environment.

At the same moment that a GreenKw is born, the obligation to create a kilowatt-hour of Green Energy on our planet is generated.

Love our Planet. Love GreenKw.


The owner of a greenkw can do three things with the coin. Hoddle it, sell it or redeem it. Redemption means that the owner of a greenkw uses that coin to create green bitcoin. How is that achieved? Quite easy. Because one Greenkw is one hour of a green kilowatt. And when you redeem a greenkw, you are putting that electricity in our GBMN to mine green bitcoins. That is why the owner of a Greenkw receives bitcoins every time he/she redeems a greenkw.
Create Green energy, buy Greenkw.

Create Green energy, buy Greenkw.

Greenkw price

The current price of the GreenKw is US$ 0.095. But we have an introductory price and for a limited time of US$ 0.075 for each Greenkw. This offer is for a limited time and you can buy yours by clicking the button below.

24/7 support by our team of experts, it’s pure green electricity. Also, there is no extra fee for the first purchase.


One Greenkw is equal to one kw/h of
Green energy

The Green revolution has reached the Bitcoin Mining Industry.
GreenKw is the future of mining.

Greenkw Gallery

our team

Kevin Belcher

Operational Director

Luis Merello

Legal & Compliance Director

José Sarasola

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian Sarasola

Sales Officer

Joaquin Driollet

Strategy Director

Bernardo Fernández

Regional Officer LATAM

Our strategic partners and companies that support us

Greenkw is the innovation of energy, it helps to drastically reduce the carbon footprint and avoid impacts on the environment.

Greenkw is pure green energy.

Frequent questions

how can i buy the greenkw coin?

You can make your purchase by clicking the buy button. We accept various payment methods*: credit card, debit card, bank transfer and paypal.
*Some payment methods have additional fees depending on the method of your preference.

How do I get profits with the Geenkw?

To make a profit with the GreenKw, you must redeem them at GreenKw/h which will be used to power the miners. and the btc generated with your greenkw/h will be your profit.

can i redeem it?

The redemption of a token can be done immediately after purchasing it, even though the green bitcoin mining network (GBMN) needs to have availability to house such token in their plants. There will be times when too many token holders will try to redeem their token simultaneously. In such occasions, they will be allocated according to arrival: first in, first served.

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